Shanghai Girl Hints At Suicide In Instagram Posts, Claims Her Own Life Hours Later

shanghai girl instagram

This is what a girl from Shanghai, China wrote as a caption for one of her many pictures on Instagram (@jojotsai1012). According to Shanghaiist, the girl was heart broken after breaking up with her boyfriend and could not deal with her depression anymore. Thus, she jumped off a building and committed suicide.

We can clearly see the sheer level of devastation by the pictures and captions that she posted following the break up. One of the pictures had a caption that read:

“It’s been 12 days since the break up. I’ve gone out, had meals, watched movies, drank, sang KTV with all sorts of guys, and any one of them is more handsome than he is, richer than he is. I say this only to prove that it isn’t that I can’t find guys better than him, much less me thinking him so good looking, so rich. There are a bunch of men with good circumstances around me, as friends who know me all know. It’s just that my heart is unable to accept anyone else. Every time I go out [with them], I end up crying. I force myself to smile, I tell myself “the most important part of being a person is to be happy”, I constantly hypnotize [deceive, convince] myself, but in the end I can’t hypnotize my heart. I don’t understand, if the one you choose isn’t me, why did you give me this much hope/expectations, give me this many promises? If you never thought of having a child with me, why did you let me think of a name? He said before that if his mother doesn’t agree to us getting married, he will date [remain as a couple] with me forever, getting married when we are old. This really is the most romantic words of love I’ve ever heard in my life, but it was also a lie. All of this I cannot forget, can never forget, unless I die.”

She even went and gathered all of her possessions from the relationship and burned them on her bed.

“Let it burn, all the things like ashes float away.”

shanghai girl fire

One of the last pictures she posted on her Instagram depicts her feet dangling off the side of a building.

shanghai girl feet

As her friends and family members mourn over the loss, a picture posted on does in fact prove that she did indeed jump and take her life that night.

suicide scene

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