Seth MacFarlane: I Won’t Host Oscars Again

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Whoopi Goldberg hosted the Oscars four times. Billy Crystal? Nine times. And the king of all Oscar hosts, Bob Hopes, took on the job an incredible 19 times. Seth MacFarlane, however, will never host the Oscars again.

And not because he wasn’t good. MacFarlane helped the Oscars this year grab huge ratings (more than 40 million people tuned in) this year and, for the most part, his performance as host was well liked.

Still, MacFarlane said that he wouldn’t be hosting the Oscars again.

So why is MacFarlane done with the Oscars? The Family Guy creator wrote on Twitter that hosting the Oscars is basically the “Kobayashi Maru test,” which, as Star Trek fans know, basically means a no-win situation.

Do you agree with MacFarlane? Is hosting the Oscars a no-win situation?



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