Sandra Bullock Shows Off Her Bra In Backless Dress

sandra b ullock

Sandra Bullock (and her bra) got people talking last night at the premiere of her new movie The Heat.

The 48-year-old star wore a sexy backless dress with a built in black bra from Victoria Beckham’s Spring/Summer collection. Bullock paired the outfit with loose curly hair and a pair of Payton sandals from Gwen Stefani’s fashion label L.A.M.B.

Robyn Cooke writes on the Style Guide: “All those straps and lace bra details are built into the soft silk dress, cleverly providing a sexiness that is completely safe and intentional. The considered ‘bra straps’ are both functional and aesthetic and the silk softness of the dress is one of the most sophisticated evolutions of VB’s designer style.”

Sandra Bullock and her bra dress may have been the hottest thing on the red carpet last night but Bullock insists that she isn’t the “sexy” character in her new movie. That award goes to Melissa McCarthy.

Bullock said: “I would never compare any of my perfectly hot co-stars, who are equally hot and amazing, to each other … Melissa McCarthy’s the hottest co-star of all time! Melissa McCarthy is my hottest co-star.”

But if you really want to talk about the hottest member of The Heat crew we’re going to have to give that honor to director Paul Feig. I mean, check out that hat.

Here’s a video of Sandra Bullock walking the red carpet in her black bra dress.


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  1. Personally I think it is better to show the bra strap that was built into the dress and looks like it fits with the outfit, rather than to go braless and expose more of yourself. I have more respect for bullock than most of the celebs' choices of attire that is for sure.