RV Essentials Guide: Everything You Need to Live Comfortably and Enjoy Your Trip

Traveling in your RV is one of the best ways to see the world. There’s the adrenaline of the open road, the ease of camping with your own kitchen and bathroom, and the excitement of adventure when you get to your destination.

Whether you’re going on a long weekend RV trip or planning to be out on the road for an extended period of time, there are many things you’ll want to pack for an RV trip.

Read on to learn more about the essentials to bring along to ensure you have a comfortable trip.

Portable Power Station

Having backup power on your road trip is incredibly important. Whether you set up camp at various RV parks with hookups or go boondocking off-grid, you never know when you’ll need that backup power source.

Portable power stations are the perfect solution because they can provide lots of backup power and keep all of your favorite appliances and devices running. Unlike the conventional noisy gas generator, portable power stations are battery-operated, meaning they’re quiet, which is very convenient when you’re trying to soak in all that nature has to offer.

Make sure to look for portable power stations with a high battery capacity, fast recharge time, and plenty of recharging options. Many will allow you to recharge the machine via solar, AC outlet, or car charger.

Remember, power outages can be quite common in certain regions even if you are connected to the grid. Having backup power can give you peace of mind for potential blackouts or disasters that may arise.

RV Refrigerator

You never want to travel on an empty stomach, which is why food is an integral part of the trip. It’s important to have a large refrigerator to pack your fresh and healthy food. The ability to keep your food cool means you have a lot more options during mealtimes.

When looking for a new fridge, ensure it’s highly energy efficient, so it doesn’t suck up all your power source. At the same time, look for features like an electric thermostat to control the temperature, such as cooling modes. Lastly, ensure the RV refrigerator is extremely quiet, so it won’t bother you while sleeping.

Emergency Road Kit

The inner boy scout in us tells us we’ll need to be prepared for anything. Accidents can happen anytime. In fact, road injuries are the primary cause of death for both children and young adults. There are many items that your emergency roadside kit should include, such as a reflective safety vest, jumper cables, a pocket knife, a whistle, a flashlight, a warning triangle, bandages, and more.

Jumper Cables

Imagine you’re stuck on the road, and your RV suddenly breaks down. Without jumper cables, you can be stranded for a long time waiting for AAA to stop by. Keeping a pair of heavy-duty cables can help you get back onto the road in no time!

Wrapping It Up

You don’t need all the latest RV gadgets and gizmos to have a memorable and fun trip. Prepare a list in advance, and prepare your travel plans ahead of time. If you forget anything, don’t stress — many fellow RV’ers will let you borrow anything you forgot.

Now you can take our tips and add them to your packing list. Safe travels and happy camping!


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