Rory McIlroy Wins Masters Of Social Media

MVPIndex analysed the social media presence of all 97 Masters participants and crowned Irish golfer Rory McIlroy the master of social media.

At least McIlroy has the green jacket of social media to fall back on because it’s unlikely he’ll win the real thing in 2014. The two time major winner nearly missed the cut after an erratic second round at Augusta.

MVPIndex quantifies the social media impact of athletes like a living, breathing, popularity contest.

Who’s talking about who?

McIlroy was a dominant presence on Facebook while fellow golfer Jason Dufner is popular on Twitter with a short game full of mentions and retweets.

The Masters honors past champions by extending a lifetime invitation to winners; meaning the first major on the golf calendar features several Senior Tour players. They’re deserved, just not competitive.

At age 60 (he still looks like a walrus) Craig Stadler started the 2014 Masters, which he announced would be his last. According to MVPIndex 63% of past Masters champions are active on social media.

Not bad for the old guys!

Bubba Watson leads the actual Masters tournament after shooting a scorching 68 on Friday. He’ll tee off with the final group in the third round.

What about Watson’s social media impact?

Only 3rd place in golf, 16th among athletes overall.

Weak sauce Bubba.

Rory McIlroy sits 11 shots off the lead. Discounting the unlikely comeback, McIlroy will settle for the Masters championship on social media.

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