Roger Ebert Dies, Later Twitter Convert Remembered [Twitter Reacts]

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Movie critic Roger Ebert, who embraced Twitter in the later years of his life to reach his many fans, has died at the age of 70, and Twitter is reacting to the loss of one of the site’s most beloved entertainment tweeters.

Roger Ebert rhapsodized about Twitter, a service of which he grew fond in his late 60s, and the film critic said back in 2011 of his tweeting habits:

I don’t make any claims for Twitter. It suits my circumstances. It can occupy way too much time. But there’s something seductive about it: The stream, the flow, the chatter, the sudden bursts of news, the snark, the gossip, time itself tweet-tweet-tweeting away.

Many film luminaries reacted to Roger Ebert’s death on Twitter, and even the President of the United States quickly responded to Ebert’s passing, saying:

Ebert’s home paper tweeted a few hours ago to announce the critic’s death:

Some reactions were philosophical:

Hollywood said:

How did your Twitter react to Roger Ebert’s passing?

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