Richie Incognito Is Lying About ‘Murder’ Text, Says Jonathan Martin’s Lawyer

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Richie Incognito gave his side of the story today during an interview with Jay Glazer. The currently suspended football player said that his racist, hateful words came from a “place of love” and that this is just the way that he communicates with his “best friend” Jonathan Martin.

For proof, Incognito said that Martin actually sent him a message saying that he was going to “kill his entire f***ng family.”

Incognito said: “The week before this went down, Jonathan texted me on my phone, ‘I will murder your whole [expletive] family … Now, did I think that Jonathan Martin was going to murder my family? Not one bit. I knew it was coming from a brother, coming from a friend, coming from a teammate. That puts into context how we communicate with each other.”

You see? This is just how football player’s talk. Incognito calls his friends “half-n***gers” and his friends threaten to kill Mrs. Incognito. It’s just harmless fun.

But that doesn’t seem to be what happened. Martin’s lawyer David Cornwell agreed that his client never intended to murder Incognito’s family but added that Richie was misrepresenting the text message.

Martin took to Twitter claiming that the “murder” text was more about internet memes than threats.

Cornwell said: “Despite Incognito’s characterization, it’s not a message that Martin typed with his fingers and/or thumbs. Instead, he forwarded a photo of a woman holding a deranged-looking dog, with the ‘I will murder your whole [expletive] family’ embedded in the photo as a caption. … It paints a much different picture than Martin and Incognito trying to outdo each other with over-the-top messages that were typed up and sent in jest. And if that’s the best Incognito can do when trying to characterize Martin as an equal participant in their ‘band of brothers’ banter, maybe Martin really wasn’t participating.”

Richie Incognito’s interview with Jay Glazer was… interesting. The NFL player said that he was sorry for his actions but placed the majority of the blame on “football culture.” And according to Incognito, Jonathan Martin was an equal participant and is just as “guilty” of bullying.

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