Richie Incognito Asks The Haters For Love On Valentines Day

Richie Incognito just wants forgiveness on Valentines Day

Richie Incognito has asked for forgiveness on the most romantic day of the year. As it turns out, he’s really just a softy at heart.

In reality, a report detailing his harassment of Miami Dolphins teammate Jonathan Martin was released Friday. In the report, Incognito and two other Dolphins are identified as the reasons Martin left the team.

To rehash the details briefly, Jonathan Martin took leave from Miami during the 2013 season because he did not feel safe in the locker room. Richie Incognito was identified by Martin as his main tormenter, and as someone would would send violent and racially insensitive texts.

Richie Incognito has been forced to defend his honor ever since. Now that the official report has been released, Incognito appears to be ready to settle for forgiveness.

On Valentines Day, Incognito tweeted the following:

Will it work? Probably not, Incognito has a long way to go to repair his image. Especially if he continues to vilify himself with tweets like these:

The problem with Incognito’s self defense is how he is responding to the situation with anger. He feels attacked, and therefore is attacking back. The final tweet about Jonathan Martin shows that perfectly.

If Richie Incognito truly wants the haters to start loving him, he needs to find a new strategy. Whether he is truly guilty or not, he has already been judged in the eyes of the public. He needs to come up with a better way than pleading for forgiveness on a holiday celebrating love reverse that.

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Scott Croker

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