Revision3 Launches New Show Anyhoo Starring Boxxy

Online entertainment company Revision3 has launched a new show called “Anyhoo” and one of its main stars in Catie Wayne, more famously known as Boxxy.

According to the new shows blurb:

Anyhoo is a highly relatable, positive and shareable content that covers topics “mirroring” the internet. From Pop culture to relationship advice to trending stories and memes, the videos will provide insight to these subcultures with a distinctive, humorous voice. The content will be presented in various formats, including: text based motion graphics, voice over and hosted.

According to Revision3 in a blog post:

We’re talking important stuff like celebrities who were also spies, the must-have Twitter followers, and artificial, lab-grown (and functional!) vaginas.

Wayne, who is also known as Boxxy, became a viral sensation in 2009 when she uploaded a video of herself speaking in a manic voice. Wayne is to this day still regarded by many to be the queen of 4chan.

The video that made Boxxy famous below, and above a clip of Wayne from the new show.



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