Restaurant In Canada Shames No-Showers On Twitter


No-showing restaurant reservations is bad for business, so how are owners retaliating in Canada? By outing them on Twitter of course.

Eater Montreal reported on Monday that Victor Afonso, co-owner of Tapeo, experienced 28 reservations turn belly up in a single night. Tapeo seats 90, so 28 no-shows is practically one third of its dining room.

La Salle a Manger, another popular restaurant had 31 no-shows on the same night. Restaurants in Montreal are quickly losing their patience with people who no-show, which not only leads to loss of revenue but is also a sign of disrespect.

Restaurant owners are looking for potential solutions.

l’Association des restaurateurs du Québec is recommending that restaurants take prevention measures such as requiring credit card numbers when reservations are made and charging a fee in the event of a no-show.

However, in Canada that’s currently illegal, but the idea is to make no-showers think twice about abandoning a reservation.

Some restaurants located in Montreal are starting to use Twitter to ‘out’ diners who fail to show up to their reservations. The Twitter handle @NoShowsMontreal posts partial phone numbers and other vague information about diners who no-show reservations.

The Twitter account is not affiliated with Tapeo or any specific restaurant.



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