Reddit’s Amazon Prime Hack: Lock In Your Rate Before Increase

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Over on Reddit, Amazon Prime‘s planned rate hike is hitting r/frugal right in the wallet-balls.

Of course, Reddit’s most frugal redditors and Amazon Prime are a natural match — with the former in constant search of dough hacks to make their spending smarter, and the latter offering a comprehensive, to your freaking front door service with all manner of deals on clothing, shoes, food, condoms, equipment, toys, finger paints … basically anything.

And Amazon Prime has tons of free streaming content, if you’ve frugally broken up with your cable provider.

What can’t Amazon Prime do? Stay priced at $79 forever, apparently. And while the meager twenty bucks is a pittance for what you get, even for the bargainistas over at r/frugal, it’s also something at least one clever redditor has found a way to evade.

According to u/unclonedd3, some SlickDeals research revealed this handy trick to preserve $20 in your Amazonian funds cookie jar — the dude or chick quotes:

If your current Prime membership is scheduled to expire on or after April 17th, and therefore would auto-renew at the $99 price, you can effectively lock in the $79 price by taking the following steps:

(1) Look up your Prime expiration date. (Let’s say yours is June 11th.)

(2) Purchase a Prime Gift Membership here:[2]

Set the delivery date as the date after your membership expires (in this case, June 12, 2014).

Enter your own e-mail address as the gift recipient. It is okay if this is the exact e-mail address already associated with your Amazon Prime account.

Place order (total will be $79).

(3) Turn off your Prime auto-renew.

(4) On the day after your membership expires, you will receive an e-mail from Amazon with the gift membership. Follow the instructions to apply it to your account.

This is a pretty straightforward way to save $20.

While we at Social News Daily are pretty big Amazon Prime fans, we’re also unabashedly pro-twenty more dollars in nearly every situation. Good catch, r/frugal!



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