Reddit Heatmap Cracks The Surprising Best Time To Go Viral

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Want the secret to going viral, on Reddit in particular? Wait for it, wait for it…

Reddit user u/minimaxir has cracked the code to getting Reddit love … at least in terms of a “sweet spot” for viral submissions.

As it turns out, there is a time at which you can post to Reddit and fully expect to hit it big. And that time is 7PM on Monday.

Okay, we’re being a bit hyperbolic, and the timing isn’t a guarantee. But minimaxir’s data is also pretty compelling in as much as it really does indicate a pretty clear good window for “virality” (which is a word we’ve just made up) on Reddit, and the numbers are convincing.

Utilizing 75 weeks of posts and a “heatmap,” he says:

“I tweaked a previous submission to limit on only posts which end up scoring > 3000 in their lifetime (+ design improvements and more data) … Unlike the previous chart, the pattern isn’t as obvious, but the best-time-to-submit appears to be Monday afternoon, while one of the worst times to submit is Wednesday afternoon. Just don’t submit your viral post in the morning.”

The post lays out the numbers for posts on average with 3000+ karma, and the numbers are as listed by the clever Redditor:

  • Sunday 12.55
  • Monday 17.47
  • Tuesday 16.44
  • Wednesday 14.05
  • Thursday 14.43
  • Friday 12.94
  • Saturday 8.64

You can read the Reddit viral post timing analysis where else? On Reddit. Now swear you’ll only use this information for good, and not karma whoring.



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