Reasons Why the Myanmar Protests Matters to All of Us

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Social media has been with news and posts about the Myanmar protests. Many people are unsure how to process this information. Are we even affected by this small country somewhere in Asia, at all? The answers may surprise you and, yes, it is going to affect us all more than we think.

Myanmar protests mean that a changing society demands a change in policy

For days since the Myanmar coup, people have been on the streets to peacefully protest. They are protesting due process, that leaders held in captivity are tried as the law dictates. They also pray that their protests put an end to violence. What the people want is clear – for their government to hear their voices.

Possibility of violence against the minorities

Myanmar leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, along with many other Democratic leaders of the country, were the country’s hope for change. However, they were not free from criticisms after their government is accused of cruelty against the Rohingya minority group. In this case, even the Rohingya people denounced the coup. They are afraid that the military gaining power could lead to their ultimate demise. The Myanmar protests have explained that pretty well. Citizens are afraid of losing their voices.

How other world leaders react may be a reflection of their political beliefs

The military coup that happened recently in Myanmar has received many reactions from leaders from different parts of the world. A total of 167 countries in the world are under a democratic government. It is good to know how these world leaders would react to these developing events in Myanmar. In some way, it could be a reflection of their political beliefs and, in some small way, it will affect the way to lead their government.

For example, the Philippine government received raised eyebrows after a controversial reaction to the Myanmar coup. Although the spokesperson did explain that the Philippines was in no place to interfere with Myanmar’s internal affairs, the government’s reaction is a far cry from its neighbors who are also under democratic rule. Countries like Japan, Singapore, Australia, and India have expressed their worry and disagreements over the course of events happening in Myanmar. What makes it particularly unsettling is that the Philippine President has been known to put military personnel in high seats of power. Could this mean that the Philippines is also moving towards a military coup? Not necessarily, but who’s to say, right?

Danger to democracy – pandemic increased military control in many Asian countries

Because of the recent pandemic, the military has increased power and control over citizens in many Asian countries. Many Asian leaders have heavily relied on the military to ensure that health protocols are followed. These governments relied on the iron fists of soldiers and police to keep their citizens at bay. This sudden presence of the military in government will surely place them in important seats of power. It is not necessarily mean that it will lead to a coup, and the effects may be gradual. However, increasing military influence could slowly change the tides of government away from democracy. Policy changes are inevitable and it will result in the kind of ‘democracy’ that we are not any more familiar with.

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