Real Talk: Hyped about the First episode of Michelle Obama’s Podcast

The Michelle Obama Podcast was released on the 29th of July and can be streamed on Spotify, both for free and premium users. The world is currently hyped that the Former First Lady of the United States has released the first episode of her latest podcast. What made listeners even more excited was when she announced who her first-ever guest was who was none other than the former President himself.

A Podcast about Real Issues and Relationships

The trailer and description of The Michelle Obama Podcast describe the show as a discussion about “relationships in our lives that make us who we are”. This means that they are going to discuss all forms of relationships on a variety of levels. In fact, in her first episode, she discussed falling in love with President Obama. They also discussed how they started out building a family. They also discussed how a relationship with a community truly is a pillar in building a strong family. This is why, with her future guests, a discussion on different kinds of relationships are to be looked out for.

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What Happened in the First Episode of the Michelle Obama Podcast?

What is great about the Obamas is how they can connect to their audience in no matter what form of media they use. It could be through a speech, a book, or a simple Tweet. People reading their posts or listening to their conversations would easily feel empowered. The podcast, particularly the first episode, took that to a whole new level. The Obamas made the listeners feel like they were a part of the conversation. It was not lecture-type educational. The discussions were equally casual and formal that the listeners felt like they were learning from the personal experiences of the power couple. It gave Americans, and even non-Americans, a new image of the Obamas not many has seen before – that they are also just ordinary people.

The first episode of the podcast was, in no surprise, as exciting as was promised. The way that the couple joked and bantered at how they fell in love and started a family, to how solemn they were in discussing how important relationships are to politics and voting, made all the issues they discussed so real and relatable.

What was most striking about the conversation was how they both viewed success. They discussed that many people nowadays focus too much on “having it all” instead of really focusing on a more meaningful goal. It was clear that they were educating the youth that success should be driven by what matters to a person and not what could be physically or materialistically gained from hard work. Mrs. Obama even pointed out that “having it all means that you’re being greedy and that it meant somebody is left to not having anything”. It gives a new perspective on what success should truly be about.

What to look forward to about the Michelle Obama podcast?

As the former First Lady has promised, she will be inviting several surprising guests to her podcast. This includes her mother Marian Robinson and her brother Craig Robinson. She also invited TV host Conan O’Brien. There were also experts like Dr. Sharon Malone and Michele Norris. Also, she invited a former Obama aide who also happens to be her friend, Valerie Jarrett.

It would seem that future episodes are also equally exciting. There are expectations of discussions on women’s health and the current pandemic, which is something that Mrs. Obama is a strong advocate of. It is also expected that the former First Lady will be discussing her youth and family life with her brother and mother. There could be some very interesting and inspiring stories in there.

The Role Model that is Michelle Obama

Many, if not all of Mrs. Obama’s projects, are successful. Her books, speeches, and programs rarely fail to inspire and empower. She is not popular just because she is the wife of the First African American President of the United States. By her right and character, Michelle Obama is a celebrity of her own. She is a highly respectable and incredibly inspiring woman. Mrs. Obama uses her platforms to help charities for children and women. Michelle also loves to work with the people rather than from the four walls of an office or a pedestal of a government position.

After her memoir entitled Becoming, many women started to lookup more to her. This is because she starts discussions on issues that may seem stigmatized to many but matters a lot in society. She is an inspiration for many people to the point that there is a phenomenon known as the “Michelle Obama Effect”. Many women of all ages and races look up to her. She inspires from the things she says, the charities she supports, to even how she wears her hair and clothes.

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