Prince Fielder Poses Nude For ESPN Body Issue, Gets Mocked On Twitter

Do you want to see Prince Fielder nude? You do? Well, you’re in luck. The Texas Rangers’ first baseman stripped down to his birthday suit for this year’s ESPN Body Issue.

Fielder isn’t an obvious choice for the annual Body issue. ESPN typically chooses athletes like Michael Phelps, who is also in this year’s issue, because he has chiseled, lean, muscular body. You probably wouldn’t use words like “lean” or “chiseled” to describe Prince Fielder but that doesn’t mean that he isn’t an amazing athlete.

Still, Twitter has decided to dish out some fat jokes.

OK, people, we get it. Prince Fielder doesn’t have a stereotypical athlete body. But who cares? He’s a five time All Star and is the youngest player to hit 50 home runs in a season. He’s also an iron man. He played 547 consecutive games before he had to miss a game in 2014 to have neck surgery.

Prince Fielder doesn’t look like a male underwear model. And that’s OK, because, well, he’s not an underwear model. So why are we comparing him to one?

Fielder said: “Obviously, I’m a big guy. But I also need to feed myself with the right things. I have a chef now, so it’s definitely easier to make sure that I’m getting full off of the right foods. If I don’t stay on it, it can get out of control … People didn’t think I’d be able to play every day because of my size or be capable of having a long career. They were just dismissing me. At first I used it as motivation, but then I realized keeping all that anger in for no reason just got old. I’m too old for that.”

Venus Williams, Michael Phelps, Amy Purdy, Marshawn Lynch, and Travis Pastrana also pose for the ESPN Body Issue this year.

Kokou Adzo

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