President Obama Hopes You Won’t Spoil ‘House Of Cards’ For Him

President Obama Tweets House Of Cards

President Obama is an avid House of Cards fan and he really hopes you don’t spoil the latest season for him before he gets to watch it. The US president tweeted out the plea on Thursday night, a few hours before Netflix released all 13 episodes of the acclaimed political drama.

While the likelihood of a spoiler leaking onto social media is high, Netflix offered fans a Spoiler Foiler tool to help them erase any mention of House of Cards from their social media accounts until after they have seen the latest episodes. The show’s official Twitter account also sent out the info.

While President Obama has made it clear he is a huge House of Cards fan, it looks like the tweet wasn’t actually sent by him, unless he forgot to sign it. The account notes in the description, “Tweets from the President are signed -bo.” Either way, it’s probably best to try not to spoil House of Cards — just in case.

[Photo: Twitter]



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