Pope Francis Is Today’s Twitter Hero, Bashes Conservative Hypocrisy [Twitter Reacts]

Pope Francis

Pope Francis won Twitter over in a big way, the first Pontiff to really capture the heart and soul of social media with his often progressive for the Catholic Church stances.

While Pope Francis wasn’t the first His Holiness on Twitter — that honor goes to Pope Benedict — the man now in charge of the @Pontifex account has been the first to wholly connect with the social media generation by being accessible in position and attitude.

On Twitter today, Pope Francis is trending hard after he addressed gay people and abortion in terms of the work of the Catholic Church. Part of the biggest divide between Christians and non-Christians in America is their focus, with many atheists and agnostics charging that religious folk do little to behave as Jesus instructed, instead working to impose their own morality on others.

But Pope Francis is certainly an outlier, if not American. He’s spoken out on gay people and God before, and now on Twitter, he’s being praised for his groundbreaking comments once again.

For instance, comedian and famous non-Christian Sarah Silverman praised the Pope today — after once saying that the church should “sell the Vatican” to feed the poor:

Others pointed out that the liberal Pope threw down with progressives:

The Paper Of Record culled the remarks:

Even the Pope’s boss had something to say about it:

As for Pope Francis himself?

You keep on Poping, dude. Doing a great job.



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