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What is the meaning of fish farming?

Comprehensive fish farming refers to the mixed cultivation technique of fish, poultry, cattle, and other related agricultural crops.


What are the benefits of cultivating integrated fish?

Fisheries can be cultivated in a modern pond in the pond without providing fertilizer application and supplementary feed for integrated fish farming. In the integrated fish farming method, natural food of the fish can be provided in the pond using cow dung, shit, and poultry shit as fertilizer. Apart from cattle or poultry, the cultivation of vegetables and silkworms can be done simultaneously in the pond along with fish.


Which crop is considered as the main activity of integrated fish farming?

Fishery farming is considered as the main function to cultivate integrated fish.


What are the benefits of integrated fish farming?

Due to the identified adverse conditions, in our country, it is not possible to take the fish farming process in the pond using modern technology. 50-60 percent of the total cost of fish farming is for fertilizer and supplementary food supply. Terms of reality, it can be said that due to socio-economic reasons the owners of the pond can not bear separate expenses for the cultivation of fish after the expenditure of production of agricultural crops. Such a situation, fish farming is being expanded in the production management system, with the help of low and cost-effective combination.


How to produce more food under the benefits of integrated fish farming?

Along with integrated fish farming, pond culture and poultry and poultry can be observed on ponds, shores, and edges.

What food products can be produced with fish in the management of integrated fish farming?

Fish with fish in the management of integrated fish farming (cow fat, fattening, goat and sheep), eggs (poultry), milk (cow feeding) and vegetables and fruits are available. Even a single animal can be produced from time to time to produce food items.


Can reduce waste of resources and prevent environmental pollution in the integrated fish farming systems?

Due to modern farming, the use of various production materials will have harmful effects on the environment. Various types of wastewater waste or waste are abandoned in the process which contaminates the environment. In a coordinated fish farming system, it acts as an outgrowth or as a subsidiary of waste or waste production. Due to this, the environment has developed. As a result, more production is available from a single crop as a whole.


How can excess employment be created in the management of integrated fish farming?

On the farm of integrated fish farming, the production and management activities of different types of crops are created at different places. In this case, new and extra jobs were created in each field. Thus, in the context of Bangladesh, integrated fish farming can contribute significantly to rural employment.


How to develop versatile skills in integrated fish farming systems?

In the field of integrated fish farming, different production activities are conducted at the same time as per schedule. For this reason, manpower is able to produce skills in various fields.


How to reduce production costs in integrated fish farming management?

About 50-60 percent of the total cost of fish farming is spent for the supply of fertilizer and supplementary food, but poultry debris in the management of integrated fish farming can be provided as a fertilizer of pond and provided as leftover food. This reduces the cost of fish production and in each case, more production is expected.


How to best utilize resources in integrated fish farming management?

It is possible to use a variety of production facilities at the same time in a single field in integrated farm management. To be more easily said, at the same time, multiple crop production cycle is rotated, thereby ensuring the use of high returns of the property.


Is sustainable development and preservation of biological diversity through integrated fish farming management?

In the management of integrated fish farming, different production processes are organized in a single-field-related separate field, with mutual reaction and sharing. For this reason, sustainable development is possible through the sustainable production of different areas and the biodiversity is preserved.


What are the benefits of integrated fish farming?

– Fish and chicken-keeping

– Fish and duck

– Farming of fish in a rice field

– Combined fish and cattle

– Farming of fish and cow dung

– Ffish and fruit cultivation of vegetables and vegetables

– Integrated farming of fish and silkworms

Fisheries – Farm Selection and selection of farm place

What does fishing mean?

The natural technique of production or fish production is more than the production of natural fish in the natural fertility of any pond.


What is the simplest explanation of the idea?

Fish farming is the technique or method of fish production at specific times, through proper feed pond stock, fertilizer application, food supply, and proper management in any single volume pond.


What area of ​​fishery management is dependent?

The economic development of the country depends on mixed socio-economic condition, agricultural and agricultural production and overall geology and environmental conditions. For this reason, these matters should be considered in the context of establishing integrated farms. Because of the nature of the environment and the environment, the integrated fish farms can be unique in different regions of the country. In such different and distinct areas, different areas of coordination and nature are different. Considering these issues, the coordinated Fisheries Management Zone is dependent.


What could be the advice regarding the techniques of fish farming?

It is better to cultivate a single or two other program with fish in the rural pond or small farm. It is more beneficial to cultivate a combination of two or more production activities in a larger size farm.


How many chickens can be cultivated in the cultivation of fish and poultry?

Poultry keeping poultry or pond water from the pond, keeping poultry away from the pond or pond, or keeping poultry away from the pond, chicken Busta and leftover food can be done by applying poultry regularly.


What does pond management mean of fishery farms?

The supply of integrated fish farming materials comes from the production or the waste of other production processes. Fish cultivation activities can be interrupted if they do not control the planning-based use of these products and control the necessary fields. The pond management of the integrated fisheries farm refers to the moderate and proper use of poultry and livestock molts in the pond, preparation of ponds, the test of fish’s natural food in pond water, pona reserves, fish health, and physical growth monitoring, etc.


What are the factors to consider when digging and designing ponds for setting up fish farms?

Due to cross-reactivity and reliance on integrated fish fishery, it is managed through interaction and dependence, when the construction of the pond is done in the construction of the pond on the pond or on the water, for the purpose of direct emission of houses for construction of poultry, duck area, cattle house, cow dung, etc. To be remembered. After determining the size and size of the farm, the size, size, location and direction of the pond, etc. should be planned.


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