Panda Friend? Ron Artest Changing His Name Again

The NBA player formerly known as Ron Artest is reportedly changing his name to Panda Friend.

Well, actually it’s “The Panda’s Friend.”

Artest, who legally changed his name in the United States to Metta World Peace a few years ago, will be playing for the Sichuan Blue Whales in China this season. Apparently he wanted to honor China’s great panda and will be changing his name to The Panda’s Friend.

Artest took to twitter today to make sure that his fans knew that his name was The Panda’s Friend and not just Panda Friend. I mean, come on. Who in their right mind would name themselves Panda Friend. That’s just silly.

Fans of Ron Artest Metta World Peace The Panda’s Friend aren’t sure what to think about the name change.

Some think that it’s great.

Some think its hilarious.

And others think that Ron Artest might have something wrong with him.

What do you think of the name change? Is Ron Artest just trying his best to honor his new Chinese fans? Or is he just trying to keep some of the spotlight on him as he travels overseas this year?

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