Outkast Reunites And Nobody Knows How To React


Outkast reunited at Coachella this weekend and for an absolutely epic show. Or maybe not. Judging from the crowd and the general reactions on Twitter, it wasn’t exactly the landmark show that the concert organizers had hoped for.

Basically, there are two camps of thought on the internet. Some people think that the members of Outkast are too old to perform with the same energy they did in the 90s.

While others believe that the crowd was too young to appreciate what they were witnessing.

Regardless of the reason, the Outkast reunion at Coachella last night was simply awkward. Despite numerous guests and major hits like “Hey Ya,” the crowd just wasn’t into it.

One Tumblr user quoted Andre 3000 saying: “I feel like I’m up here by my goddamn self…y’all still with us??”

So who’s to blame? The crowd? Outkast? The blame here probably belongs on the concert organizers. Coachella just wasn’t the right venue for the influential group to make its reunion.

Ear 2 Ear writes: “That Outkast performance at Coachella was one of the most disappointing things I’ve ever seen. What a disgracefully flat crowd that didn’t really understand what/who they were listening to.”



Basically, it seems that a bunch of non-Outkast fans thought it would be cool to see the legendary band reunite. They bought tickets, got to the show early, and were absolutely pumped when the band took the stage. And then they realized that they weren’t Outkast fans and by the end of the show everyone was bored.

Don’t blame Outkast for the lackluster performance last night and don’t blame the crowd, either. Blame the organizers who didn’t realize that the majority of Coachella-goers weren’t alive when Outkast first started making hits.

Kokou Adzo

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