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Investing funds online is one of the most common ways of earning passive income today. Some of the solutions are difficult to start with. For example, it is very challenging to invest in stocks successfully if you are a complete stranger to this sphere. Luckily, many useful platforms facilitate investing for both newbies and experienced users. Check out these reviews to find some options for where to invest money online using virtual investment funds.


This alternative investment fund is from Estonia. Quanloop cooperates with specialists from other European countries to deliver high-quality localization. This service receives money from its investors and then shares it with borrowers. Every day at midnight, all these funds are transferred back to user accounts.


  • This service allows withdrawing money every day or reinvesting it automatically.
  • It allows you to invest one euro to start your portfolio and receive income.


  • Quanloop chooses all the borrowers first, and investors can only offer their money to the website.


This is also an Estonian platform founded in 2014. This is a peer-to-peer website specializing in real estate, mortgages, and business loans. Borrowers can use the site to publish their loans, and investors can choose from the list. While both individual investors and companies can use this service, it is necessary to complete verification first.


  • The average return percentage on investments yearly is 13%.
  • Estonian investors have the benefit of 20% of their taxes paid for them by the service.


  • The minimum investment required by this fund is 100 euros.


This is a peer-to-peer lending provider for EU investors. The service was launched in 2020. It is possible to invest in loans from a few selected countries now. The average return is about 13%.


  • The average interest rate is relatively high.
  • No fees are involved.


  • The diversification is limited. Make sure to count this in when looking for a service to work on your portfolio.


If you want to invest money online in a variety of loans, this service offers reliable solutions since 2014. EstateGuru specializes in real estate loans and a range of other loans.


  • The average annual return is about 10%.
  • Risk management is reliable.


  • There is a fee for the secondary market.


This investment fund is one of the most experienced in the European market because it was created in 2008. This platform acts as a mediator between businesses and investors. With various types of loans accepted and a selection of industries to choose from, convenient diversification is possible.


  • The minimum investment amount is 1 euro, and everyone can invest regardless of their starter capital.
  • When inviting friends to the platform, users can receive a 5% bonus from their investments.


  • The interest rate on investments is relatively low, with a 9,3% of return.


This Latvian P2P website was created in 2017. Peerberry accepts investments from companies and individuals. The average interest rate here is around 11%. With different ways of creating your portfolio, all investors can find convenient solutions to satisfy their requirements.


  • There is a wide range of bonuses available. Welcome bonuses, a referral program, loyalty and affiliate programs, etc.
  • Buyback guarantees are available.


  • There is no secondary market on this platform.


This is another P2P service offering convenient investment solutions for EU residents. This platform facilitates deals between loan originators and investors. The list of industries where borrowers come from is very diverse, and investors can easily diversify their portfolios.


  • The minimum investment is low and accessible. In addition, there are no investment fees.
  • A referral program is available for earning commission from all new users invited.


  • There are many pending payments on the site.

With such a big selection of investment platforms, it becomes easier for users to find the most convenient solution to make their money online investment.


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