Online Investment Funds for Earning Passive Income

Online investment funds

Before actually starting investing money, people usually need to spend some time evaluating their options. It might be rather difficult to discover a perfect investment service for your needs as there is a wide range of platforms available today for investors globally and European citizens, for instance. To make the process of picking one service to use easier, here are reviews of some of the platforms where you can invest money online.


This is a European alternative investment fund situated in Estonia. Quanloop is a convenient solution for all investors regardless of their expertise in this field. Thanks to investment plans that help with risk management, all users can choose the most suitable investment strategy for them.


  • The lowest payment you can make on the site only takes 1 euro.

  • All money collected from users is invested daily and returned to investors every 24 hours.


  • Users are unable to choose the companies where they can invest their money.


This is an investment marketplace from Latvia. Companies and people can use this website to invest their funds in projects and businesses available. With only 10 euros, it is possible to make an investment and start generating passive income.


  • The investment process can be automated or set up manually. The auto-investing feature makes the process easier.

  • There is a referral program that can grant valuable bonuses of up to one thousand euros.


  • This service is not very convenient for investors who prefer investing their funds for a longer term.


This is an Estonian investment website as well. People can invest in businesses from specific European countries accepted on the site. This is a platform that allows borrowers to post their requirements for investors to provide their funds. People and businesses need to be from EEA to invest here.


  • With this provider, people can also invest only one euro and start earning profits.

  • A selection of investment plans is offered to all users for making the process more accessible.


  • The approximate return per annum on users’ investments is about 9%.


Located in Latvia, this company offers its services in Europe and abroad. There are offices already in Mexico, and this business intends to expand to Asia as well. Individuals and enterprises can invest their money on this website. It is possible to earn up to a 22% return on your money online investment.


  • Investment risks can be lowered by choosing an appropriate investment plan. However, they also have a lower return.

  • The refer-a-friend program is available for earning bonuses.


  • Right now, not all European states can use this platform.


This is a European P2P service that deals with investing in rental projects and loans. Users can purchase property shares and receive gains after they are sold. The average annual return with this platform is about 14,5%.


  • This service is convenient for portfolio diversification.

  • Investors can receive their returns monthly.


  • The minimal investment available is 100 euros.


This P2P investment service offers convenient investing solutions and provides a top-quality risk assessment. It has an auto investment function that helps new users start their portfolios or diversifying them easily.


  • Stable return payouts.

  • Funds can be reinvested automatically.


  • This service is not very fitting for short-term loans.


This platform was launched in Estonia, and other countries joined later. There are various loan originators available, and the website users can pick the projects to make their investments. Verification is necessary to proceed with investments.


  • The average annual return is approximately 13%.

  • In case you need to diversify your investment portfolio, it is convenient to use the auto investment feature.


  • This platform is not very accessible for many investors as the smallest amount of funds accepted is 100 euros.

When searching for where to invest money online, make sure to look through some of the investment platforms to find the perfect option for you.

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