One Drive-in Theater Hosted the Entire U.S. Box Office this Past Weekend

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There’s one drive-in theater in Florida that’s keeping the weekly box office report afloat during the novel coronavirus pandemic.

With movie theaters throughout the country closed for the unforeseen future due to the continuing COVID-19 outbreak, the weekly box office findings are all but an afar memory. However, this past weekend the Ocala Drive-In in Ocala, Florida was the source of the whole domestic box office, showing an astonishing 2 films to its audience. Therefore, if you were withdrawing from your weekly box office stats, here it is, in an exceedingly barebones physique.

On the website The Numbers, the weekend box office report exhibited two new features playing last week at a sole theater in the full United States. The two movies, the psychological thriller Swallow and the mime biopic Resistance (both from IFC Films) were demonstrated at the Ocala Drive-In, according to Gitesh Pandya, for a whopping total box office $33,457.

This is not saying that there’s just one theater open in the United States — there are still a number of drive-in theaters (makeshift and official) across the country that are open still — although, it appears Ocala is the only one still exhibiting new releases and accounting their grosses. The bulk of drive-in theaters display repertory screenings of classic or older flicks. However, maybe other drive-in theaters could note Ocala’s newfound celebrity and begin screening new releases so that fans could get a deeper box office report. In the meantime, the No. 1 film at the U.S. box office seems to be the unsettling Haley Bennett-casted Swallow.


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