NYC Vaping Ban Universally Condemned On Social Web [Twitter Reacts]

NYC vaping ban

Last night, the passage of a NYC vaping ban — essentially relegating e-cig users to smoker status — angered the vaper web, many of whom took to Twitter to vent their frustrations.

In the interest of full disclosure, Social News Daily‘s sister site (for which I exclusively write content) is the unabashedly pro-vaping Vape Sorter, and individually, I am a vaper and vaping advocate. My own views do not reflect those of my SND colleagues and partners as a whole, but we’d be remiss to omit this connection. (And you should totally check out Vape Sorter if you vape or want to vape, or love a smoker and want to help them switch. Vape on!)

On to Twitter, and the reaction to the New York City Council’s vaping ban vote. Following a contentious decision in October to regulate e-cig sales by tobacco laws, the council voted 48 to eight to enact the new legislation forcing vapers to abide smoking laws. (The NYCC even admitted the sole reason was because vaping “looks like smoking.”)

Ahead of the vote, NYC vaper and Click Bang host Russ Wishtart attempted to rally vapers to show support, tweeting:

Alas, the NYCC couldn’t be swayed, and Twitter was glum with the news that many would be discouraged altogether from a switch to e-cigs:

Vapers’ rights group Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives (CASAA) retweeted one scathing reaction to the flimsy justification:

The group directly tweeted:

CASAA representatives also set the record straight:

In addition to a vocal vaper response on Twitter to the NYC vaping ban, a Reddit thread about the unpopular decision was one of the top posts in r/electronic-cigarette today. How did your Twitter react to the vote?



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