NY Post Writer’s 300 Sandwiches Marriage Hustle Blog Depresses Social Media

300 sandwiches

It’s not really surprising that the woman behind the 300 Sandwiches blog writes for the New York Post, but when she unmasked herself in an article as the person who actually admits in front of people that she’s bartering sandwiches for an engagement ring, at least social media was appropriately horrified.

Sure, the blogosphere was grossed out too, but it’s kind of a credit to feminism’s reach that 300 Sandwiches and the writer’s admission that she’s bribing her way to marital bliss was so wholly received as not cute at all on sites like Twitter and Facebook.

The illustrative pic is of a smiling Stephanie Smith ostensibly making one of her 300 Sandwiches, and the post is titled “‘I’m 124 sandwiches away from an engagement ring’ — with a sad, sexist slug of “I wooed my man with a sandwich.”

Smith, who is laboring under the impression her boyfriend Eric in some way resembles Alexander Skarsgard (oh, honey), quotes her “man” as saying the following — doesn’t immediately follow with “so, you see, Officer, I was forced to stab him repeatedly in the face until he stopped making sounds.”

You’ve been up for 15 minutes and you haven’t made me a sandwich?

Recalling that (after addressing her as “babes”) he was pleased by her first sandwich, she shares a promise that inspired her to embark on the sandwich-making endeavor:

“Honey, you’re 300 sandwiches away from an engagement ring!”

It didn’t take Twitter long to dig a bit, with some information on Mr. 300 Sandwiches and his worldview soon being shared:

Other people were just too saddened to do much but comment:

And some just suggested going full marriage barter mode on him:

If you haven’t yet fallen into a spiral of depression and resolved to give up on love and die alone after reading about 300 Sandwiches, you call follow Smith’s Twitter journey over at @300Sandwiches.


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  1. Doubts aside, Stephanie Smith plods ahead, resigned that this is her lot in life, to be glamorous, to report for the NY Post, to be a modern day woman who is not afraid to question and challenge things (even the way she goes about getting married ) but all the while slightly annoyed that she has regressed to a traditional semblance of what the modern day woman has fought so hard to avoid becoming: her man’s lunch keeper.