Nintendo Explains Why The Wii U Is Better Than The Wii

Why Wii U Ad

It goes without saying that the Nintendo Wii U is having a hard time connecting with gamers. Although the system sports a number of exclusive titles featuring a number of the company’s most famous characters, the console hasn’t enjoyed the same success as its predecessor.

In an effort to get people excited about the machine, Nintendo has put together a poster that details why the Wii U is so much better than the Wii. Did you know that Wii U accessories aren’t compatible with the Wii? I had absolutely no idea. Thanks for the heads up, Nintendo!

The poster first showed up on Twitter courtesy of Geoff Keighley, host of Spike TV’s GTTV. Prospective buyers are encouraged to take the flyer home with them should they need more time to weigh the options. You know, in case your internet is down.

The Wii U is off to a rocky start in 2013. The console only sold approximately 59,000 units in January. February didn’t prove much better for Nintendo; the company only managed to move 64,000 machines. At this point, the company is doing whatever it can to stay in the game.

“Why Wii U?” the ad asks before getting down to business. You can check out what the Wii U has to offer by having a good look at the image below. And don’t try to use the Wii U gamepad with the Wii. From what I understand, it’s not going to work.

Nintendo Wii U

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  1. It reeks of desperation and one sidedness while reminds me of a TV buying network point of view, put big ticks next to the thing your selling and people will think its top quality. It's not trying to out sell the Wii, its trying to out sell the old gen Xbox and PS3 AND the new ones coming. The poster should show the specs of the latest consoles and why it can muscle up against them and deliver. Cool, your new console does more your old one, what a revolution in gaming. That's all this shows.

    Sadly all these points make it sound even cheaper, "plays online games", "plays downloaded games". When I read those points being something worth mentioning I assume the console is a useless brick with nothing to offer if "plays downloaded games" is a major selling point. So sad, this will hurt them more than help cause now I feel there is less hope if this is all they can come up with to change its image.

  2. This check list is obviously for casual customer who don't know anything about the system. One big problem consumers are having is seeing the difference between the Wii and the Wii U, that's the whole point of this.

  3. you are right, this is for people that doesn't know about it. This same poster is up on Nintendo's website since January, so by know gamers should know everything about it.
    It clearly shows the value of the Wii U over the Wii.