NFL Player Tarell Brown Learns In A Tweet That He Lost $2 Million

Tarell Brown Twitter 2 Million dollars

NFL player Tarell Brown found via Twitter out on Thursday that he lost $2 million when he failed to show up for a team workout.

Brown, a cornerback with the San Francisco 49ers was supposed to earn $2.95 million this year, however after missing a mandatory team practice his salary was sliced to $925,000.

Part of the player contract specifically states that he is not allowed to miss team practices if he is healthy.

Here is the tweet that led to Brown discovering the very bad news:

As it turns out the San Francisco 49ers office isn’t run by a bunch of Scrooge’s and Brown will get his money, but only if he promises to work out for the rest of the off-season at the team’s Northern California headquarters.

Brown says he never received the memo from his agent about the mandatory practice clause and therefore spent the off-season in his home state of Texas.

The NFL cornerback didn’t even hear about the potential for lost wages until he viewed the news in a tweet. Following that realization he told the Sacramento Bee:

“I no longer have an agent as of now. No one wants to leave money on the table. If I would have known the clauses in my contract and that’s what agents get paid to do — to orchestrate the contract and let you know what you can and can’t do as far as workouts and OTAs and things of that sort. That’s what he got paid to do, he didn’t do that, so in my opinion he had to be let go.”

Ladies and gentlemen, the $2 million tweet.

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