Netflix Profiles Become A Reality, Allows For Multiple Social Accounts

Netflix Profiles

The new Netflix Profiles system we documented months ago officially launched on Thursday. Under the new system users can log into their personal profile while separating their own choices from other household users. The Netflix Profiles option has been in closed beta testing for months.

With separate profiles now available each user will receive “personalized suggestions based on what they watch and rate, as well as separate Recently Watched and Instant Queue lists.”

If you haven’t received your Netflix Profiles option the setup will role out over the next few days. Netflix is launching profiles for the following devices: website, iPad, iPhone, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Apple TV and newer Smart TV’s and Blu-Ray players.

In the announcement Netflix director of product innovation Eddy Wu announced:

“We’ll be adding additional devices like the Nintendo Wii and Android soon.”

Here’s a video that explains how Netflix Profiles works:



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