NASCAR Race Rules To Be Crowdsourced Through Mobile App Voting From Fans

NASCAR Mobile 13

NASCAR fans will soon be able to determine various parts of a races rules through a new mobile app voting platform.

Being tested at the Sprint Unlimited at Daytona, the NASCAR Mobile 13 app allows Google Android and Google iOS users to vote on a race’s format. Users can also vote through

Before each race fans can choose how many pit stops will be allowed, the number of cars eliminated after the race’s second segment and even the outfit worn by Miss Sprint Cup in Victory Lane.

NASCAR chief marketing officer Steve Phelps says of the decision:

“We think the ultimate expression of fandom is actually getting to determine what exactly you’re going to see.”

Voting for the upcoming exhibition race will start on January 21 and mobile app votes will receive double the value of web browser votes. The race format voting decisions will then end on February 13. Voting on Miss Sprint Cup’s outfit will extend through February 16.

NASCAR over the last year has become a huge supporter of Twitter and NASCAR fans are not afraid to voice their opinions via social networking.

Do you think this type of interactive sports platform can change the way we watch and interact with sports.



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