#MRAPickupLines Are The Best Thing On Feminist Twitter This Week

Feminist Twitter has been known for hilarious hashtag memes — have you guys seen the new #MRAPickupLines trend on the microblogging site?

It’s not clear who started #MRApickuplines, but once it began, the ribbing of men’s rights activists and their notoriously embittered platform of gripes began in earnest on Twitter … and it was brilliant.

From rape to family court to pickup artists, MRA pickup lines brought the social justice funny.

From what we can tell, the trend picked up with a tweet from Franklin Veaux, of the popular polyamory-centric relationship resource site More Than Two, with the tweets:

Soon #MRApickuplines were about as prolific as men’s rights activists believe women who deliberately become pregnant to receive child support slutbucks are, and the tweets rolled in:

Dr. Pepper through the nose for this one:



You can get in on the conversation by tweeting under the #MRAPickupLines hashtag with your own men’s rights activism observations.



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