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movies tonight
movies tonight

MOVIES TONIGHT Essentials For Beginners


movies tonight
movies tonight

Please do not misunderstand someone after reading the headline. Please. It is not the case that is the case of story junking but it is not. This is a novel written twenty-three years ago and the story of making a new picture of ‘Inspiration’ from a movie created three years ago.


The essence of the novel is a little bit different, and it is arranged on a new story structure. Again it is written as a bit of a hit Bengali movie script’s pattern-setting pattern. And the whole thing is probably not consensus, some unconsole.


In a word, on the whole, it seems like this, Anik Dutta’s new picture ‘Meghnadbha Rahasya’!

Let’s go to the flash bay.


1401 in Bengal, 1994 in English. Sunil Gangopadhyay’s novel ‘Bukheer Pathar’ is printed in the Pujas of ‘Desh’ magazine. What is the story, you know? In short, it is the story of the former Naxalite who suffers from self-pity. At an early age, Naxalite killed the retired Garib School Master and went to Rawal on Phalay. And the sarcasm of that murderer would have changed. Naxal left the country and went to London with the help of powerful parents of Motherfather and Didi Panjabi Barr. Five years later, after washing away all the pastes in Calcutta, the new life started. Sitting down to the prestigious company’s expensive job, they get married, boys and girls are two. And after some of the story comes in the twist!


Suddenly, the younger daughter of the retired schoolmaster who accidentally came to her life and was killed in her hand. At age, he is a perfect young girl. And once again, the daughter’s revelation came to an end in the life of Rajat.


Looking forward, director Anik Dutta was born on May 22, 1960. In the year 1994, when the text is circulating, the agonizing age of thirty years Even then, Anik started to do the film, but like all the hunky filmmakers, after reading the story in Puja, he also did not rise up to the top of the book, I did not think I could even take a picture of this!


Just do not think that I wrote so much in the air, so much so that. After promoting the ‘mystery of megadabad mystery’, it is totally anik but it is accepted by one’s mouth but confessed to it. Yes, the name of the original story has not been told at all, but speaking about the story of the movie has given it up to so much that “(story). When I am thirty years old, thinking of filming. Then work on advertising. At that time a picture came to mind. It has nothing to do with it today, but it’s a bit like that. In that context, I have brought the goodnight element. ‘ (Popcorn, News daily, 21 July). MOVIES TONIGHT is a common question today world.


But what I wanted to say earlier was that by cutting-paste from ‘chestnut stone’ but not in the story of his film, Dan Anik Hey Dad, even after that ’94, we were about to cut the hundredth century. Therefore, Anik has changed the face of the era by accepting the demand of the era. Forty-year-half-year-old Rajat has been here for a long time (Sabyasachi Chakraborty). Here, instead of one wife, the gentleman’s wife’s number two here. The first woman is five years older than her now, she is unable to suffer from illness and probably because of her husband’s abandoned condition. Sohag Sen plays this role. The next wife, Indrani (acting garage), at the age of ‘Asinwev’, is a twenty years younger, popular film star of the film industry.

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