Missing Hiker Magdalena Glinkowski Updated LinkedIn Over The Weekend

Missing Hiker Magdalena Glinkowski as seen on CCTV surveillance.
Missing Hiker Magdalena Glinkowski as seen on CCTV surveillance.

According to the Marin County Sheriff’s office, the LinkedIn profile of missing hiker Magdalena Glinkowski was updated over the weekend.

Police are indicating that a tip was delivered by phone indicating that the LinkedIn profile for the missing hiker may have been updated following her disappearance on March 30, 2014 in Mt. Tamalpais State Park.

Glinkowski, a Menlo Park software developer, had been unemployed for approximately two weeks before she went on a hike in the state park, leaving her credit cards and cellphone in her rental car. She was last seen on CCTV surveillance video of the parking lot paying for a parking permit at Bootjack trailhead, situated near the top of the mountain.

Unit Leader Michael St. John with the Marin County Sheriff Search and Rescue division said, “It’s not totally uncommon for someone to leave a car there once in a while, if it breaks down. But by Thursday or Friday they were able to track down her landlord, who didn’t report her missing but said he was concerned about her welfare.”

Glinkowski is said to be 5 foot seven inches, 120 pounds, and was last seen in a pink top, blue shorts, and white and black running shoes.

Though an air search was mounted over the weekend for the missing hiker, the 80+ volunteers from the surrounding counties failed to find any signs of her presence.

At this time, there is no speculation on the reasons surrounding her disappearance.

Anyone with tips on her whereabouts or well-being should contact the Marin County Sheriff’s Investigations Unit at +1 (916) 473-7265.

[Image Credit: Marin County Sheriff’s Department]

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