Mimi Faust Sex Tape: Reality Star Responds To Haters On Instagram

mimi faust

The first images from the Mimi Faust sex tape leaked earlier this week and the internet went absolutely nuts. Unfortunately for the Love & Hip Hop star, most of the comments came from haters.

Well, Mimi has finally responded.

Faust had a pretty simple message for her haters: “If you don’t pay my bills, then shut up about my life.”

The “private” sex tape, called Mimi & Nikko: Scandal in Atlanta, will be released by Vivid later this month. Of course, there are plenty of images and clips already floating around the web. Go ahead, Google “Mimi Faust Sex Tape” but be prepared for some pretty NSFW results.

The Love & Hip Hop star is shown in various positions with her co-star Nikko Smith including one involving some acrobatics and a shower curtain rod.



Mimi Faust is hoping that her sex tape will give her a little bit of a career boost. Since the images were leaked, the reality star has posted a flyer and her contact info for future bookings.

Unfortunately, it usually takes more than a sex tape to generate the “Kim Kardashian effect.” Just look at Farrah Abraham. After the Teen Mom star’s first sex tape didn’t result in a reality show, she decided to release a second. Basically, she became a porn star.

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