Millenials Are Flocking To User-Generated Content Found On Social Media

Millennials and Content Consumption

When it comes to a “trust factor” for online published works, Millenials LOVE user-generate content.

According to a new study by Ipsos MediaCT, Crowdtap & the Social Media Advertising Consortium, younger users trust content more openly when it is created by a group of their peers.

The study which surveyed 839 Millenials (18-36 years old), found that they spend an average of 18 hours per day with various forms of media. Of that information 30% is user-generated, 33% is traditional media (print, tv, radio), and 37% is “other media.”

The Millennials study finds that 71% of users find content using social network platforms. Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest appear to lead the pack, likely because of their sheer reach and the ease at which content can be shared with a users friends and followers.

Not only are users checking social media, they engage with it 11% more than TV, 18% more than radio, and at a rate 22% higher than email, text, and chat combined.

Check out the full study below.


Millennials Heart UGC Infographic

The growth of social media remains explosive as users seek out new forms of content, and even create their own web portals through use of their favorite networks. Given that growth we expect to see even higher social media engagement numbers before the end of 2014.




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