Mike F*ckabee? Megyn Kelly Drops F-Bomb On Fox News

Megyn Kelly invited Mike F*ckabee, I mean, Mike Huckabee, onto her show The Kelly Files last night.

The Fox News host introduced her guest as the “host of F*ckabee” last night. Kelly was quick to correct herself and continued on like nothing had happened. Huckabee tried to do the same but you can see a little smirk run across the former Arkansas governor’s face.

Kelly says: “Joining me now, former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee who’s the host of F*cka…. Huckabee right here on the Fox News Channel.”

Check out the video below.


Kelly addressed the gaffe later on in the show and somehow managed to turn it into a complimentary moment. The Fox News Host said that the comment was blowing up on Twitter and that some people (or at least one) had congratulated her on her professionalism.

Kelly said: “Something else that happened on the program is also getting a lot of attention on Twitter and including this tweet from some nice man named Sean who said ‘Megyn you’re a delight to watch and gave a stoic performance after your slip up with Governor Huckabee’s name.’ I thought I was stoic too – I have a heart of a 12 year old boy.”

Kokou Adzo

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