Microsoft Releases “Not Like Everyone Else” Nokia Ad: True, Nothing Else Is As Bad

Microsoft has released its first video as the official owner of Nokia, and it’s themed “Not Like Everyone Else.” We agree: no other (notable) OS has a sadly lacking app store and bad market share.

The ad shows a hipster guy wearing bright yellow with a red hat, roaming a street in a sea of gray, with allegedly stock standard Apple and Android users. Not only does the guy have yellow headphones, he has a yellow handset.

Towards the end of the clip (above) he meets a hipster…or maybe stereotypical nerd girl (at this point we’re not sure exactly what the point is) who we presume (it’s not clearly shown) is using a Nokia tablet…not that the name Nokia ever appears in the advertisement.

There is a reason for the lack of Nokia branding: it is from reports about to be replaced by “Windows Mobile,” because naturally you drop a name that not only has fame in Western nations, but is also still wildly used and supported in developing and emerging economies.

I was, ironically, having my Samsung Galaxy S3 fixed today in a Northern Thailand shopping mall, and the one thing that struck me in the phone section of the mall was how much Nokia branding was everywhere.

Microsoft does have good intentions with the Windows Mobile platform. The market always needs competition, and in theory Microsoft Mobile should provide that.

Sadly that competition came far too late.

Today, the Windows Mobile ecosystem fails to deliver with a bereft and barren app store that offers a bit of what you may want, but fails to satisfy its users.

Windows Mobile’s take up by manufacturers has been haphazard, particularly post Nokia acquisition announcement.

But today the one thing the main seller of Windows Mobile phone maker has going for it: it’s name, is about to be no longer.

And that, I predict, may well result in the death of the company once know as Nokia.

Microsoft: we want to love you: we really do, but grow the f*&k up and get with the times. You’d be far better building on what Nokia started with Android base phones (yes…they exist for now) and push out more phones with your own Microsoft branding running Android.

The Riley prediction: Microsoft closes the division once known as Nokia by 2019; exception: unless they embrace the phones they’re now selling running Android.



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