Micro Coil Winding: The torch bearer for the micro device medical industry

The micro coil market is surging at a galloping pace of over 4.5% CAGR from 2021 to 2028. With the estimated market size to reach over $1.15 Mn by 2028, the micro coil market is seeing high potential of growth. The micro coil market is growing on the back of the rapidly rising costs of embolization coils or micro coils. Medical coil winding is a very crucial aspect in the manufacturing of the micro coil devices – and this leads to the consistent growth of the micro coil market. The higher cost of the medical devices is driving the micro coil market higher, which is turning to be in favor of the medical market.

Multiple diseases are responsible for the growth of the micro coil market. Yet, the most prevalent ones are the Cardio Vascular Diseases – or the CVDs. The growth in the CVDs has been nearly 100% over the last 3 decades reaching to over 500 million as on 2019. This has a direct impact on the medical coil winding industry. Let us find out how.

 How is medical coil winding market impacted by the CVDs?

The medical coil winding is mainly used for the micro coil devices. With the medical devices market showing a growth of over 5% CAGR – the demand for non-invasive surgeries are on the rise. For patients suffering with CVDs, the embolization coils are used to treat the blood vessels with minimum invasion. With the help of radiography and X-ray visualization, the surgeries are performed, post which the catheters are taken out of the body.

As the growth in the unhealthy lifestyle is increasing, along with adoption to sin habits, there is a stark rise in the CVDs. This turns out to be a major factor for the usage of stents & other micro coil devices, which in-turn impact the medical coil winding industry. With the US witnessing one death every 36 seconds due to CVDs, and estimating over 8 million cases of cardiac arrests, there is a very strong demand for the micro coil industry.

As we can see, there is a direct relation between the micro coil industry and the CVDs, it is time for us to find out how the micro coil winding takes place. Gaining an understanding of the same will help us to decipher into the working principles of the medical devices.

Understanding the process of the Micro Coil Winding

 Micro coil winding is mainly done to create an electromagnetic field for the micro coil devices to work. The different kinds of wires used for micro coil winding include copper, platinum, tungsten and hydrogel. The winding is mostly done in a way such that the wires don’t touch each other – as insulation is quite crucial when it comes to micro coil winding. Based on the different types of the winding, the process & tools differ.  The difference in the shape of the winding brings about a change in the electrical values being produced, hence the dimension of the winding is crucial when it comes to micro coil winding.

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