Meme Origins: This Is Where Your Favorite Memes Come From

Meme Origins Video

Not all Meme’s are created equal, or rather a Meme’s origin is not simply created out of thin air (most of the time). A new video by YouTube channel Top10Memes explores the origins of many top Meme’s.

Have you ever wondered where “AAAND IT’S GONE” and “CONFUSED GANDOLF” came from? This video explains those origins.

But the team at Top10Memes didn’t stop there, they also take a look at some of the lesser known Meme origins.

While we often look at Meme’s for a good chuckle, it turns out that they are also the perfect commentary on many socially relevant pop culture moments.

The video which was uploaded on April 6, 2014 has already received 91,565 views (at the time of this post). The video has racked up 1,714 upvotes and 15 thumbs down votes.

Even the Meme origin of the popular and mean “I Can Count To Potato” was eventually tracked down, proving that the origin of almost all information on the internet can be found, even if it starts out of thin air.

What is your favorite meme origin? Share your answer in our comments section.



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