Matt Damon To Play Jason Bourne In New Movie

Matt Damon is returning to the Bourne franchise.

Damon, who last played Jason Bourne in The Bourne Ultimatum in 2007, confirmed this weekend that he’ll be returning to the franchise for a new movie in 2016.

Damon said: “It’ll be in 2016 when the movie will actually come out. Paul Greengrass is going to do another one and that’s all I ever said. I just needed him to say yes.”

Greengrass directed both The Bourne Ultimatum and The Bourne Supremacy and is set to return for the new film.

Damon and Greengrass’s untitled Bourne project won’t be the only Bourne movie to hit theaters that year. Jeremy Renner, who took control of the franchise in 2012 with The Bourne Legacy, is scheduled to star in a sequel in 2016.

It’s unclear how these two movies will be released, if the story lines will connect, or if Renner will appear in the new Damon movie, but Producer Frank Marshall did confim that the Renner movie is still going ahead as planned.

Marshall said: “That movie is moving forward. It’s still in development. We’re working to get a script as soon as possible.”

While most people were excited to hear the news, some felt that Matt Damon could ruin his original trilogy by adding another installment. Many movie fans felt the same fear when it was announced that Pixar would be making a fourth Toy Story movie.

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