Mark Zuckerberg Gets Beat Up In NYC Poster

Mark Zuckerberg Beat Up For Art

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has a black eye and a chipped tooth in a new poster series from famed NYC Graffiti artist KATSU.

The team at Peter Ha at Gizmodo spotted the artwork and reached out to KATSU for clarity.

Not surprisingly KATSU says his motivation for the beat up Mark Zuckerberg posts comes down to highlighting the Facebook founders idolization by millions, perhaps billions of people. KATSU notes that Zuckerberg “owns our lives” and much more.

In an email to Gizmodo he writes:

“With the internet being literally woven into the human experience i cannot stand by and not voice my discontent with those who plan on owning our lives. I’m upset, and confused. I want the ability for people to permanently remove their information from Facebook… that is not possible. I want Facebook to adequately explain to all users the extent to which their data will be farmed out and shared.”

KATSU further note that Mark Zuckerberg has become an idol for millions and that his “face has reach” and therefore he “deserves to be ridiculed.”

KATSU isn’t against the world wide web, noting:

“We’re at the fork in the road with the web. It is being understood as a fundamental part of our evolution as a species. There are some that are fighting to protect privacy, anonymity and freedom and those who are trying to control, monitor and make profits. I want to let people know my beliefs.”

Check out Gizmodo for more info.



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