March Madness 2013: The Final Four Based On Twitter Numbers

Final Four On Twitter

The Final Four is upon us and in true March Madness tradition fans for each of the four remaining teams are talking smack about their favorite programs.

With the prevalence of social media upon us much of the smack talking, team supporting talk has taken to Twitter and we have the stats.

To date the NCAA college basketball tournament has reached more than 678 million Twitter users.

The fan favorite appears to be Louisville which has racked up 31.6 percent of all Twitter mentions. The team at Radian6 also found the Michigan Wolverines to be in high demand with 30.6 percent of all mentions. Tied for third place were Syracuse and Wichita with 18.9 percent of all Twitter mentions.

New York City is also winning the NCAA-based Twitter battle with 41,919 Twitter mentions for the city’s name.

Here’s a full look at Twitter mentions for the final four from the team at Prime Visibility. Pay close attention to the most tweeted words and the volume of tweets sent:

Social Media Final Four - March Madness

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  1. I just love these Infographics. So much great information and I pass on to others. (people think I'm really smart) LOL.