Marc Jacobs Barters Fragrance, Gifts For Social Shares

marc jacobs social currency

Social shopping is a relatively new frontier, but the Marc Jacobs brand is disrupting the space with a newish idea for high-end brands — social shares that convert to real, live purchases.

Marc Jacobs isn’t the first big name to get into the social currency game … but the brand is one of the first highly desirable labels to do so.

In the clip above, the brand explains that their “pop-up shop” doesn’t take money — just mentions, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social services. Shoppers used a hashtag, #mjdaisychain, to promote their posts:

Others praised the newfangled model of social shopping:

On Facebook last week, the official Marc Jacobs page posted about the social currency shop in NYC:

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As the Marc Jacobs pop-up shop hit the social web, users described the on-site festivities — which included games and giveaways:

Overall, Marc Jacobs’ social currency initiative polled well with fashion bloggers and fans — and given the rates of conversion with social media hashtag-heavy events, we can only hope more favored brands get in on the capital linked to shares and social traction.



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