Macaulay Culkin Recreated ‘Home Alone’ Scenes As Adult & It’s Hysterical

Macaulay Culkin

Macaulay Culkin, now 38, recently recreated several of his iconic scenes from Home Alone, though with a modern twist.

via Cafebiz; It’s nearly Christmas, which means it’s time to watch everybody’s favorite classic holiday movie ‘Home Alone’ starring Macaulay Culkin

Have you ever wondered what Kevin McAllister would achieve if he was left home alone which today’s technology at his fingertips that he could implement?

Well … Google elected to bring in “Kevin” for their home assistant’s latest advertisement. The ad features Culkin, now 38 years old, restoring several of his celebrated scenes from “Home Alone,” but with a trendy spin.

In addition to the compulsory technological advances the Google Assistant furnishes, including the ability to adjust the temperature without dealing with the child-eating furnace and pay for pizza, there are a couple other notable updates.

via Buzzfeed; HA, HA!

A Kevin Durant cardboard cutout replaces the one of Michael Jordan that Kevin affixes to his model train set, a dummy bound to a Roomba substitutes the dummy tied to a record player, and grown Kevin’s back doesn’t stand firm after bed-hopping as well as 9-year-old Kevin’s (lower) back!

As you would anticipate of a commercial that melds the holidays with longing, the ad’s gone viral.

The video is pushing 7 million views already on YouTube, and that’s not even including views on social media views! Check it out for yourself though, below.


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