Lorde Embraces ‘South Park’ Joke, Sings ‘Ya Ya Ya’ [Video]

If you’re a fan of Lorde, you probably know that she’s a talented teenager. If you’re a fan of South Park, you might believe that she’s actually a 45-year-old male geologist who writes all of her songs in the bathroom.

South Park made a few jokes about Lorde in last week’s episode called “The Cissy.” In the episode, Randy Marsh gets sick of leading his double life and admits that he has actually been performing as Lorde. If you’re a little skeptical (so was Stan) check out this clip.

So how does Lorde feel about being compared to a 45-year-old male geologist? Well, it looks like she’s taken it in stride. In an interview with New Zealand’s TV3, Lorde said that she thought the episode was “weird and cool.”

Lorde said: “I was thinking, ‘Yeah he has a mustache…I mean I have a mustache, but is it that prominent?’ But it was someone’s dad pretending to be me. We actually, in my hotel room, went ‘Ya ya ya ya ya I’m Lorde! Ya ya ya!’ for like an hour, because that’s why they do on the episode, so…”

Here’s Lorde doing her best impersonation of Randy Marsh doing his best impersonation of Lorde.


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