Lolo Jones Shares Bobsled Paycheck On Twitter

lolo jones

Lolo Jones didn’t make too much money competing with the American bobsled team. The Olympic sprinter turned bobsledder recently revealed that she made a whopping $741.84 for the seven month bobsled season.

That’s a little over $100 per month.

Lolo said: “Seven months with bobsled season. The whole season. That’s it … I’m going to be a little late on my rent this month.”

Jones said that she posted her paycheck because she wanted to draw attention to how much some athletes make. Football quarterbacks and NBA stars may make millions per year but Olympic athletes don’t make a fraction of that.

Jones has a few endorsement deals and won’t have to worry about paying rent this month but many athletes have to pay for their training out of their own pockets.

Jones told E! Online: “The bottom line is that all Olympic athletes dedicate their lives to their sports and do not all receive lucrative paychecks like athletes in mainstream professional sports. So hopefully this will make people appreciate just how hard Olympians work, often just for the love of the sport.”



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