Little Girl Heartbroken Over Adam Levine’s Marriage [Video]

Adam Levine

We’ve all been there — innocent, all-consuming kid crushes bigger than our tiny beating hearts that manage to light up our faces whenever we see the object of our affections on TV — Justin Timberlake. Harry Styles. Will Smith. Michael Jackson. (Hey that was mine back in ’87. Don’t judge. )

Are crushes healthy for kids? yes, They are; it’s how they first experience what they intensely like and admire about a person, whether the object of their affections is a celebrity or their playmate at school. Is their smile? their athletic/ artistic/ academic prowess? their well-groomed looks? Their humor? this is your child’s first forray into exploring what they dig the most about other people, and a chance to explore their feelings.

So, what happens when you, an object radiating the purest love ever, receive news that your Forever and Ever Crush has tied the knot?

Utter, irrevocable devastation.

Like this little girl here. She’s just received the worst news ever from Mom: Adam Levine is finally hitched.

Watch the video here:

Our sincere condolences, sweetheart. We feel you.

If you’re a parent whose child is dealing with their first crush, don’t fret. Here are some handy tips to bear in mind when talking to your child about them.

1) Get the scoop by gently asking general questions and letting your kid take the lead. If your son says he has a girlfriend or boyfriend, ask him gently what he means by it. It also helps to determine if the crush is mutual: ask if your child thinks their crush feels the same way about them, and explain to them that it’s okay if they don’t, and that they shouldn’t try to make the other kid like them back. Likewise, if another child has a crush on your kid, but your kid doesn’t return their affections, explain to your child that they don’t have to be the other kid’s steady if they don’t want to. You’ve just taught your kids the rudimentary rules for consent.

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