LinkedIn Two Step Verification Goes Live, Adds Better Security For User Accounts

LinkedIn Adds Two Step Verification

LinkedIn two step verification is now available for users who are worried about their accounts becoming compromised by hackers.

The two factor security system was announced just weeks after Twitter created its own two-factor authentication following the hacking of several high profile accounts including Burger King and The Associated Press.

While still not fool proof the two step verification system greatly reduces the risk of an account being hacked by an unknown computer.

Using the system LinkedIn sends users a numeric code that must be received via SMS text messaging. The code is sent whenever a LinkedIn user attempts to login via an unknown device or location.

Since hackers must also have access to a users smartphone the chance of hacking an account is greatly reduced.

At this time LinkedIn is only offering the two step verification process via text messaging, however, the company could add other systems such as a mobile application. Twitter has already promised to add new two factor verification systems to its new security protocol.

Will you be activating LinkedIn two step verification on your account?



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