Lil Wayne Okay, Rapper Himself Says [Twitter Reacts]

lil wayne okay

Rapper Lil Wayne was reportedly in very serious or even critical condition tonight — with speculation that seizures the hip-hop star was alleged to have been suffering stemmed from overuse of the drug codeine.

But as news of Lil Wayne’s reported life-threatening convalescence ping-ponged around the web, the rapper soon shot back to say that news of his supposed imminent demise had been greatly exaggerated.

Most of the Lil Wayne reports seemed to stem from this tweet from TMZ, approaching nearly 10,000 retweets on Twitter late Friday night:

As the social web believed Lil Wayne was at death’s door, much buzzing occurred about the autotune loving star’s condition — as well as general reaction to Lil Wayne himself. Top tweets included:

But soon reports emerged that Lil Wayne and his flak were denying accounts he was near death:

Which, of course, did not stop Twitter from trying to kill off Lil Wayne anyway:

The rapper has not disclosed the nature of his illness.



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