Legendary Atari Treasure Trove Unearthed In Landfill [Twitter Reacts]

atari alamagordo found


According to legend, a massive Atari stash of cartridges — for the ill-fated E.T. game considered by many to be the “worst” title in gaming history — languished for three decades in a desert landfill, gaining cachet under the sand all these years in Alamagordo.

The Alamagordo Atari landfill legend was the stuff of internet intrigue and gamer speculation, but no one was really sure if there were truly a ton of E.T. cartridges from the original console in a far flung trash heap.

Today, April 26, 2014, it was announced that the Atari white whale had indeed been located, and the geek social web flipped its shit — everyone was tweeting about the news that the tale was indeed not a legend at all, but true gamer history:

The development is so new that just hours ago, Mashable reported that no Atari treasures had yet been unearthed on the ground in Alamagordo:

Did your gamer friends go nuts on Twitter or Facebook as the Atari cartridges discovered in Alamagordo began circulating the social web?



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