Kim Kardashian Lets Fans Sit With Her During Kanye Concert

Kim Kardashian Fans Yeezus VIP

Kim Kardashian let fans sit with her during the Kanye West concert on Thursday night, proving that the A-lister isn’t above getting down and partying with mere mortals.

The fun started when Twitter user Myleeza tweeted to Kim, writing, “I’m looking for Kim SO hard while we wait for Yeezy to come out. Wya sis?” Kim responded quickly with a surprising invite.

According to Myleeza’s tale after the meet and greet, Kim Kardashian sent her security to get the teen and her friend, Sara, to hang out in the VIP section. They were greeted with a wave and then got to “dance so hard” in the VIP box with Kim and her bestie Brittny. They were laughed at, took duckface photos with Kim, and even got to meet Kanye West after the show. Myleeza’s Twitter timeline says it better than we ever could.

The two exchanged tweets after the fact as well.

Thanks to Kim Kardashian’s generosity, she made the night (and month?) of Myleeza and her friend Sara.



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